Running Technique & Injury Assessment

Have you struggled with chronic running injuries or reached a performance plateau? Or maybe you just want to optimize your running to stay injury-free and reach your next running goal? Getting some guidance with your running form can help you become a healthier, more efficient and ultimately faster runner.

What happens in an assessment?

An assessment starts with a consultation; I want to understand your running goals, how you train and what challenges you're experiencing with your running. I will look at your running form - outside and possibly also on the treadmill (depending on what's most appropriate), recording your running for video analysis later. I will then take you through a clinical assessment of more than 20 key areas of strength, stability and mobility to pinpoint any weaknesses or limitations. Always considering your running goals and concerns, I will teach you appropriate drills, exercises or stretches to improve on your areas of weakness. We'll also discuss running shoes and training plans, where appropriate. You will get an extensive report after the session - including details of all findings, corrective exercises and next steps - and I will remain available to answer your questions anytime. Review appointments can be scheduled at appropriate intervals to keep you on track toward your goals!

Cost & Location

The initial assessment costs $95 and takes around 60-75 minutes. This includes a written report, exercises and recommendations, tailored to your requirements and with your training goals in mind. Or you can sign up with a friend and save! An assessment for two people costs $150.

Further sessions are priced at $40. These can be scheduled at regular intervals or just once or twice to make sure you're on the right track.

Zest Massage & Running is conveniently located in downtown Danville. All running assessments are done at Iron Horse Fitness, 115 Railroad Ave.

Run & Massage

Assessments and coaching can also be combined with sports massage. Soft tissue work will complement the findings of the running assessment particularly well if you have issues with injuries, joint mobility, soft tissue restrictions or flexibility.

For more information or to book an assessment, please just get in touch!