What My Clients Say About Me

"I highly recommend Heini especially if you have a nagging, recurring injury. I was constantly getting hit with an inflamed toe joint. Over and over. Someone suggested I contact Heini as usually this is a result of one's running form. Heini did a full analysis of my running gait and form, performed a variety of muscle tests on me and determined that I have lazy glutes and super inflexible hip flexor (of course I do!). Heini then gave me a strict regimen of exercises to do daily. I couldn't even slack off as she pinged me daily to make sure I was actually doing said exercises! I actually really needed that! In any case, I have been running more often and longer distances lately. No toe problems or any other problems. Thank you Heini!!! If you need any kind of help running related, just contact her. She's always willing to help!"

Sheila D.

"I'm in the final 2 weeks of my half marathon training with Heini, and I've never felt more prepared and confident before a race. I've also never enjoyed running/training so much. Heini has exceptional knowledge of every aspect of running/training including bio-mechanics & injury prevention, cross training, running gear and nutrition. Additionally, she tweaks her program so that it fits with your specific goals and lifestyle. I 100% recommend signing up!"

Kelly C.